Thursday, July 16, 2009

I'm currently on orgy twins but It won't hurt updating my own personal blog. ;) Big file btw.
It's Zulie again/ I love drawing her. She's your normal depressed, sorta goth, gamer 18 year old.

"Maybe I'll impress him next time."

Friday, May 8, 2009

Hairy balls

So man it's been awhile since I've updated. So yeah here goes.
The first pic is of my Fallout3 character; Phoenix. She's basically an uber badass with no limits and goes around destroying the dreams and aspirations of others, that means you. I'll eventually finish this. I like the style of the picture so I'm going to stick to it for awhile.

Second pic is of two characters of mine in one of my hope to not be lazy this time web comics I want to make. The girl's name is Zulie and the main character and the guy's hand she is chasing after is well I don't have a name for him yet. :I

Friday, November 21, 2008

Terd nuggets.

So I got my tablet pen back. I haven't really done anything worth while but quickies and such. Anyways I got a few things here I'd like to share: First this picture of 9k
I drew fort he lovely Bittermause.

And I was messing with SAI and drew a picture of some draenei chick from wow.
Yup super exciting. :B Just generally messing around with the program, it really is an amazing program.

So yeah general bullshit and blah blah, I'll have better things later this week and what not. Me and Bittermause have been internet hanging out alot and such. So it's been fun. We even paint chatted and this was the outcome:SPAGETT!
We're just that fucking amazing. It honestly cannot be helped.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Nut sacks.

LOL holy shit I post stuff? ON THE INTERNET?!


Yeah, So recently I have no tablet or scanner, but I do have older art and doodle I don't believe I've posted anywhere else. I'll try and manage something from mouse doodles on flash or something. Anyways here's some shit.

This is pretty old I do want to finish this one day. It's me and Jamie(powerz) fighting off Zombies. And being completely fucking bad ass motherfuckers.

old too, maybe one day I'll finish it. Son Goku obviously. ;D

Jamie's Spy: Cain. I need to finish this too. >_>;;

Schwanhilda heilvig an old character of mine who is an evil nazi overlord.