Friday, November 21, 2008

Terd nuggets.

So I got my tablet pen back. I haven't really done anything worth while but quickies and such. Anyways I got a few things here I'd like to share: First this picture of 9k
I drew fort he lovely Bittermause.

And I was messing with SAI and drew a picture of some draenei chick from wow.
Yup super exciting. :B Just generally messing around with the program, it really is an amazing program.

So yeah general bullshit and blah blah, I'll have better things later this week and what not. Me and Bittermause have been internet hanging out alot and such. So it's been fun. We even paint chatted and this was the outcome:SPAGETT!
We're just that fucking amazing. It honestly cannot be helped.


Emily Biernott said...

\m/ interwebs lounging with you is always a walk in the part darling.